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Kids Songs - Making Meaningful Music

In 2005, I co-founded Silly Bus, a multi-media company specializing in fun, entertaining and educational children's songs and videos. Up to that point as a songwriter, I had focused predominately on the usual pop/rock topics - love, loss, redemption, etc. Although early in my career I experienced moderate success, nothing could have prepared me for the rewarding life of a children's songwriter.

Ever since joining Silly Bus, songwriting has been more meaningful. Simply put, it feels great to write songs to help children learn the alphabet, health & fitness, math and other fundamentals of life. The songs have a purpose beyond self-to enrich the lives of children and their families.

An unexpected, but welcome result of Silly Bus' success has been the opportunity to work with our favorite nonprofits. This work has allowed us to expand our repertoire through the production of unique multi-media combining partner messages with our creative handiwork. "Heroes and Angels" is one such song of which I am particularly proud. Inspired by and written for Connor's Heroes Foundation, Heroes and Angels discusses childhood cancer, the unique issues associated therewith and the heroes dedicated to helping children with cancer and their families. Heroes and Angels is a song of awareness, strength and understanding. The song is Silly Bus' contribution to Connor's Heroes and its mission. It is our way of turning fear into hope.

The song was recently unveiled in Connor's Heroes' new public service announcement featuring Connor Goodwin, Tommy Hilfiger and Alex Garfield. The public service announcement stresses the importance of being a hero in the fight against childhood cancer, and is available on YouTube. Heroes and Angels lyrics are reproduced below. The song will be released for download in early 2010.


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